How Much Does a Logo Cost

A logo is an important part of any brand’s identity—in the most cases it is the first thing a potential customer will see, and it’s essential to use a logo that stands out from the competition. But how much should a logo design cost? As with any other expense, you want to weigh the cost of logo design against the quality and value you will get.

Getting hired a professional graphic designer or design agency helps ensure that your final logo design will be distinctive and unique to your brand’s image. Like with any service, there is a variety of logo design price points and packages, and goal of this article is to set you with the right expectations which benefits both you and your designer.

How much is a logo design worth? How much should you prepare to pay for professional graphic design services? Is it really true that you get what you pay for? This article answers all of these questions, and more.

Here is an approximate dialog we've been hearing again and again:

“A logo designer estimated me $500 for a simple logo. Is this a fair price, or he is ripping me off?”
“That's way too much. I can advise someone who can do it for $25.”

People outside the graphic design industry often get confused by the price range offered by different designers. Just think about it - while there are truly inexpensive designers available ready to make you a logo for a cost of a cup of coffee some companies pay for the same service millions (The most expensive logo in the history, by the way, was priced as much as $1,280,000,000)

Put your business needs as a first priority

There are many ways to get you logo done starting from inexpensive or even free options like DIY or asking a friend, moving up with hiring a freelance designer or mid-range agency ending with hi-end expensive design bigwigs.
Regardless of what direction you choose for your logo design project, it’s important to remember your business goals are your priority.

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Some samples of the logos we have built in the past

Pricing of a business logo increases the more logo variations you need, the more ideas you want us to provide, and the level of detail required. On the other hand, detailed specifications, examples of the logo you like, color, font or shape directions help reducing time designers spend on the project therefore you will be required to pay less for the logo

Even if you’re just getting a business off the ground, a logo is the starting point for building your brand identity. After you have an idea, think about how you’ll be showing off your brand online and offline. Then figure out what logo design package price will work for you.

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A great logo is an investment in your small business.

Regardless of what you choose for the logo design project, you need to know exactly what you need out of what you pay. Whether it’s opting to hire a freelance designer or launch a design contest or perhaps spring for an agency, just make sure of the following checklist as a part of the agreement:
- The final logo design in multiple formats
- High-resolution that is the vector format for printing
- Web-optimized format for social media, websites, and other digital platforms
- Full legal copyrights

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