FREE CANADIAN websites for nonprofits.

We're committed to get as many Canadian charities online as possible with a free or heavily discounted web presence.

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We also wish to do our bit to support the charity sector, and we do this by providing our services either at cost, or completely free of charge.
We provide our entry-level web design and development either free of charge or at a 50% discount.
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You must be a registered Canadian charity currently listed on the Canadian Charities Listings website.

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We may also be able to accept requests from a limited number of charities outside of Canada

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We must be able to verify that you are authorized to represent this charity.

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Help us to promote this initiative with a very small text link back to this page in your web site footer. In addition, we'd love any shout outs on social media or on your blog if you have one

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If you work with any charities, let them know and help them get started with a web site, or save money if they already have one.

To apply, please press the button and we'll be in touch.
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We're on a mission to get more charities online.